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Name Reason
Donald Johnson Doesn't share any of their toys
Donald Stone Bad behavior
Donald Tate Bullying
Dorothy Lewis Bad behavior
Edward Best Bullying
Edward Campbell Bullying
Edward Cole Not keeping promises
Edward Lee Doesn't listen to the teacher
Edward Turner Selfish
Edward Williams Doesn't listen to the teacher
Elizabeth Drennan Potty mouth
Elizabeth Fields Not keeping promises
Elizabeth Franks Doesn't believe in Easter Bunny
Elizabeth Hill Doesn't listen to their parents
Enrique Clark Being mean
Enrique Crowley Being mean
Erica Polk Screams and cries to get what they want
Erica Shoemaker Selfish
Erica Thompson Selfish
Faith Fields Bad behavior
Faith Katz Being mean
Felix Mitchell Bad behavior
Freddie Johnson Fighting
Freddie Stone Doesn't listen to their parents
Freddie Williams Being mean
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